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Mission & Vision

The Volunteer Center's mission for Round Rock and the surrounding communities is to partner with nonprofit agencies and community members to develop, support and promote volunteerism in Williamson County. As this is effectively achieved, we will be able to fulfill our vision to build strong and connected communities through the power of volunteerism within our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. 


The Volunteer Center is a powerful catalyst for CHANGE in Williamson County! As we continually develop volunteerism in our area we increasingly see how the energy and value of being UNITED to make a difference affects us, not in part but as a whole!

Texans are widely known for their willingness to lend a helping hand and we are delighted that so many citizens in Williamson County choose to use their skills, talents, and abilities to serve others. These volunteers are extraordinary examples for newcomers in our growing area.

Happy people gathered

As the population in Williamson County steadily increases, we also expect an increase in the number of opportunities for individuals, families, churches, and business teams to get involved, take a stand, and make a difference in our community by volunteering. We are astounded by those who already give so much and look forward to many more joining in and pouring out their efforts for the betterment of our community!

Together we can do SO much good! Will you join us?

Arbor Day Volunteers

- Arbor Day Volunteers


*A very special thank you to Jessica Tell for her help with our new website!